Thanks For Your Support

It has been one month since the release of Chet: Strength Beyond Our Own, and I wanted to take just a moment to thank everyone who has purchased a copy. You the readers¬†are the final decision makers on whether or not a book is successful. All the lipstick in world won’t change the fundamental characteristics of a pig, and the largest promotion will do little more than pile on the lipstick if a book fails to deliver for the fans.

As an independent author/publisher, I don’t have the resources to do a big marketing push when I release a book. I depend on you, the readers who enjoy what I write, to spread the word to others who may enjoy the stories I tell. That’s why it has been so gratifying to see the nice little bump in sales this past month. It has been especially interesting to note that the sales are not all for the second book in the series. In fact, taken for the month, Chet: Whispers From the Past has sold almost as many eBook copies as Chet: Strength Beyond Our Own.

I’m speculating a bit, but it appears to me the visibility spike from the release of the second book in the series has put the book in front of new potential readers and they have decided to start at the beginning. Thanks to each of you for the increased visibility and for going on and purchasing the second book. As long as you and your friends continue to read and enjoy the stories I write, I’ll keep striving to deliver content that lives up to the trust you’ve given me.

That brings me back to the pig and the lipstick. In spite of it’s crazy length, some of the early buyers have read the nearly 600 pages and are starting to provide feedback. Comments like “Curses, you kept me up late again!” and “I liked it even better than the first book.” give me hope that we won’t need any lipstick for this latest addition to the Chet series.

Thank you again for supporting my writing¬†with your purchase and for telling your friends that Chet is worth checking out. You’re the greatest fans and friends in the world.