Some TLC for Chet III

Due to the unanticipated time I had to dedicate to bringing in the revised edition of MOVA® Globes: The Inside Story, I’ve had to rework my schedule. I had originally planned to use the last month progressing Conspiring Men but after four solid weeks of battling with stubborn formatting challenges encountered with The Inside Story, I’ve decided I can’t delay my editing work on Chet III any longer.

Almost every contact from my fans currently ends with “When will the next book be available?” As frustrating as it probably is for you to hear, the third book in the Chet series has always been aimed at the first half of 2015. However, due to my recent delays my delivery schedule is in jeopardy, so I’m going to push it to the front of the queue and give is some overdue Tender Loving Care.

I’ll see you on the other side of some long days doing my initial rewrite.