My Inspiration

As I’ve considered what to write in my first post, I finally decided to talk just a bit about my inspiration. There are a lot of reasons why I write, not the least of which is my wife, children and grandchildren, but that’s not what this post is about. This is about what helps me reach the state of mind where I can write.

One of my inspirations is the beauty of the area where I live. Although southeast Idaho is a high mountain desert, I have the incredible good fortune to be able to live right on the bank of the Snake River. The river provides a separate ecosystem that is totally unlike the surrounding desert. Without the waters of the Snake, the only thing that grows naturally is cactus, June grass, and sage brush. With the life giving waters of the Snake, the surrounding desert is covered with tens of thousands of acres of productive fields.

On the river itself, you will find an abundance of wildlife. Particularly during the winter months, birds congregate to live out the winter. Eagles fish the waters of the Snake, even while swans, geese, and ducks rest on the ice or feed in the slow moving winter currents.

Picture of swans, geese and ducks on the Snake River
View from the back yard

I selected one such picture, taken from the edge of my lawn, to give you a glimpse of the incredible beauty I’ve been telling you about. Every time I see the image, it reminds me again of the beautiful world in which we live, and how fortunate I am as I enjoy my little corner of the world.

Click the image if you wish to see it full size. (Kind of full size as it is compressed for display on the web.) I hope you enjoy it.

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