Chet II Cover Reveal

Cover image for Chet: Strength Beyond Our Own
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For my fans who have been anxiously waiting for an update on the release of the second book in the Chet series, I finally have some news.

I know it’s been a while, but writing and publishing a book is a process. The amount of activity one perceives is largely dependent on one’s perspective. While you’ve been waiting and wondering what is taking me so long, I’ve been scrambling to bring the second book to life.

The closest analogy I can come up with is that it’s a lot like watching a family of geese swimming across the river behind my house. The amount of activity and effort you perceive depends on your perspective. From above the water, the mother and father seem to be floating leisurely across the water as their goslings bob along sandwiched between their parents. The tranquil image they present is an illusion. I swam the river once when I was much younger and I can tell you that even though it looks placid, there’s still plenty of current and the goose and gander are working their feet furiously to keep them and their babies from being carried down the river and into the rapids rumbling away a few hundred yards downstream.

To make a long story short, my artist and I started working on the cover artwork on the 31st of March. Brian was able to dedicate a surprising amount of time and effort to the project and he wrapped up the illustration on the 25th of April.

Around my editing Chet II and writing Chet III, the cover was finally completed in July. Now that Chet: Strength Beyond Our Own is finally firmed up and going through the final polishing and formatting steps, the time has finally arrived to give you a glimpse of the cover.

I hope you like it.

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