Chet 0 is Back From the Editor

The manuscript for Chet 0 was returned from my editor this evening. RJ must have worked some serious hours to get it knocked out as quickly as she did, and I’m grateful for her efforts and for her positive feedback.

Now it’s on to reviewing her corrections and suggestions and getting them put into the finished manuscript. Always a daunting task, this time the editing is less troubling than the fact that I’ve yet to come up with a title for this prequel to the Chet series. I can’t very well publish the book with its working title. Somehow Chet 0 just doesn’t have the same sizzle as Whispers From the Past, or Hidden in the Heart. Hopefully some inspiration will strike and I’ll be close enough to a pen and paper to capture it during the fleeting seconds it occupies my brain.

Until next time …

Almost a Chet Bed

I got a chuckle from the following image. It’s the wrong color and is made from a step side (you can see the bed side-panel at the top right of the image), rather than a fleet side, but it’s about the right vintage. As you know, Chet is a 1964 and with no more to go on than the rear cab and tailgate, this bed could have been made from a truck that was anywhere from a 1961 to a 1966 Chevy pickup.

I was particularly impressed that the bed boasts the same heavy duty diamond steel bumper as Chet. I was amazed at the authentic details left on the bed. The exhaust pipe is just visible at the bottom right, there’s a towing ball attached to the bumper, and even the taillights and license plate light are functional.

I’m not sure I’d want my bare feet and exposed shins knocking around all the sharp edges and protrusions of a bed like this, but I can imagine what a totally cool writing desk could be constructed from this general design.


Chevy Truck Bed

Source: Posted on Facebook by Cuttin Up Radio, on Friday, January 23, 2015.