Self Edit Completed on Chet 0

It has been about a month since I finished the manuscript for Chet 0. Today I went back and performed my self edit, looking for all the little nit picky things an author is never supposed to allow to enter into their writing. Conditioned by my recent edit of Chet III, my eyes noticed lots of things I needed correct.

Now the manuscript is off for a content review, followed by a trip across the ocean for a visit with my editor.

Let’s see, that means I’m back to trying to find a solution to the corner I’ve painted myself into on Conspiring Men.

Wish me luck …

Chet III Edits Completed

The noise you heard about twenty minutes ago was the sigh I gave when I finished with my editor’s suggestions for Chet III. It has been a long pull, ten days of nose to the grindstone to be exact, but the deed is finally done.

As is always the case, it was an eye opening experience. I am absolutely amazed how many errors creep into my writing and how easily my eyes slide right over them when proofing my own work. Thank goodness different people have different talents and I’ve been blessed to make the acquaintance of an outstanding editor.

Now the manuscript is off to my proofreader to give her a chance to see how many new mistakes I managed to introduce in the process of correcting everything RJ pointed out. Alas, the polishing continues.

I’ll see you soon …