Revised Edition of MOVA® Globes: The Inside Story

After an absence from bookshelves of more than five months, a revised edition of MOVA® Globes: The Inside Story went live today. The revised eBook edition contains editorial changes that clarify and/or expand different sections of the content.

MGTIS-Cover-800x1280-(Ver-1.2.01)In addition to the editorial changes, the images in the revised edition have been completely updated. This was done as part of the process of formatting the book for print. As print requires higher resolution images, all of the images were changed out in order to keep the two versions consistent. The print edition will be released as a 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch Trade paperback.

The eBook edition is being released initially in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB versions.

Book Signing in Shelley

The North Bingham County Library, located in Shelley, had their Family Read Week open house this evening. As part of the festivities they invited some local authors to do a book signing. Three of us, including myself were able to attend.

There were quite a few folks that I knew and a lot more that I didn’t. Thanks to all who stopped by and especially to those who took the opportunity to pick up a copy of one or both of my Chet novels. It was great to visit with you and my pleasure to autograph your books.

I salute a whole new generation of readers who joined in the celebration. I hope you enjoy a lifetime of broadening your horizons through the books you read.