Chet 0 Cover Reveal

I am delighted to finally be able to give all of my fans an update on the next book being released in the Chet series. My illustrator and I started coordinating on the cover five months ago. It took a while to get the project worked into Brian’s schedule, and then we had to work through the actual creation process. Brian undoubtedly has a few more gray hairs, but I think he did a great job of capturing one of the more exciting scenes from the story.Cover image for Chet: From Out of Nowhere

I would like to also reveal the actual title of the prequel novella. Chet: From Out of Nowhere. This has been one of the more difficult titles to come up with, and I appreciate all who gave me input, and I especially appreciate my wife’s patience as I have mumbled and grumbled for weeks as I struggled to finalize the title.

It’s only a few days off, but I plan to release the eBook version of From Out of Nowhere on June 4th. Barring any catastrophic problems, it will be available through all of the major book resellers.

I’d love to hear what you think of the newest cover, and I hope you enjoy this newest installment in the Chet story. If you do, I’d appreciate it if you’d tell your friends.

Until next time …