Chet: Whispers From the Past

After more than a year of work, writing, rewriting, and editing over and over, my eBook Chet: Whispers From the Past went live on Amazon today. This is my first effort in the world of fiction and this book is actually the first volume in what is intended to be a series.

The story concept was born more than ten years ago and has rattled around in my brain until January of 2013 when I finally started committing the story to paper. (Actually it was digital bits on a magnetic medium, but that doesn’t sound quite as folksy as saying paper.)

My biggest challenge with this story hasn’t been the writing, but rather it is answering people’s question when they ask what the book is about. In spite of my best efforts, I haven’t been able to identify a genre that the story fits into. My advance readers have struggled as well, some comparing it to Where the Red Fern Grows or The Secret Garden. My editor called it a ‘feel good story’ and an enjoyable read. Whatever comparison you may make to other books, or genre you may choose in a effort to neatly identify this story, I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I’ve enjoyed telling the story.

MOVA Globes: The Inside Story

After months of work, my eBook MOVA Globes: The Inside Story went live on Amazon today. This is a nonfiction technical discussion of the amazing self rotating MOVA globe.

I’ve been working with these globes in my ‘day job’ for about the last eight years. In order to support the customers who have purchased from us, (as well as those who purchased elsewhere), I have had to learn a lot about the science that allows the globes function. It has been a fascinating journey as I have discussed issues with the inventor, as well as dissecting inoperative globes.

I know there is a very small audience for this book, but if you have ever wondered how your MOVA globe works, I hope you will enjoy this book.